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hose facing criminal charges for arson fight an uphill battle. Over the last decade, California has suffered from several fires that have resulted in loss of life and millions of dollars in property damage. You can expect for Orange County courts to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law as politicians and law enforcement may try to make an example of you and your alleged crimes. In California, all forms of arson can become a “strike” on your record and, if convicted, can be used against you in court proceedings to enhance future sentences. Obtaining counsel from experienced attorneys at the outset of your case can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your case is handled properly.

At Defense Attorneys Orange County, our attorneys have worked with several alleged arson offenders and provide each of their clients with aggressive representation. Defense Attorneys Orange County, firm partner, has spent decades representing criminal offenders throughout California, including several high-profile defendants. If you are serious about obtaining a case dismissal or not guilty verdict, obtaining defense attorneys with a background in arson can provide you with several advantages.

Penalties for Arson in California 

There are several different penalties for arson. Usually penalties are determined based upon whether or not anyone was injured during the fire, where it was committed, and whether or not you owned the property where the arson took place. Under the most severe circumstances, arson is punishable by up to nine years in a California state prison. In less severe cases it is punishable by up to three years in prison. Regardless, those who are convicted of arson face hard time and a criminal record that can limit opportunities for an entire lifetime.

Arson Legal Defense 

Defense strategies for those facing criminal arson charges differ greatly depending upon the circumstance of each individual’s case. There are some instances where the arson was accidental, in which case there may be a possibility for a case dismissal. There are also several instances where the defendant is not guilty of arson, but the facts seem to imply otherwise. If you are serious about obtaining legal representation that will clear you of your charges or obtain a not guilty verdict, a Defense Attorneys Orange County legal professional can help. 

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