Suspended License

Driving on a Suspended License

Suspended License

The majority of those with a valid driver’s license rarely appreciate the opportunity they have been given. Having a driver’s license opens up several possibilities and opportunities for employment, new relationships, and the ability to assist during emergency situations. If a person fails to pay court fines, was arrested on suspicion of DUI, or is determined to have limiting medical issues, the Department of Motor Vehicles may choose to suspend their license, or revoke it indefinitely. 

If a person whose license was suspended is caught driving, the charges brought against them are usually more severe than offenders anticipate. 

In Orange County, driving on a suspended license is not a minor traffic violation, it is a criminal offense that can result in a criminal trial. Those convicted will have a mark on their criminal record that could affect future employment, housing opportunities, and other benefits that are afforded to the law-abiding public. Even if you were unaware that you were driving on a suspended license, charges may be brought against you that can affect your life for years to come. Obtaining an experienced attorney who is familiar with suspended license law may help you obtain a case dismissal or not guilty verdict.

Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License 

Driving on a suspended license is considered to be a misdemeanor offense, which can result in incarceration in the county jail and substantial fines. The amount of time in jail that a person can receive varies depending on the reason for which the person’s license was suspended. If it was the result of actions that resulted in, or could have resulted in, serious injury or death to one or more persons, there may be harsher punishments and an increased maximum amount of time that you could receive for your offense.

Defending a Suspended License

Defense strategies to avoid criminal proceedings for those facing charges regarding driving on a suspended license differ depending upon the specific circumstances of each defendant’s case. An experienced attorney will evaluate all of your case facts and use the evidence to your advantage. If you were unaware that your license was suspended or revoked, there may be several options available to your legal counsel for obtaining a favorable case outcome.

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