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When you are arrested for a crime, your whole world can be turned upside down. It can feel like your life as you know it is over, or like it’s the end of the world. It’s easy to worry about what going through a criminal trial will be like, or what will happen to you if you are convicted.

Experience Matters

Hiring an experienced and successful criminal defense attorney is the key to creating a favorable outcome in your case. Who you choose to represent you at the most critical time in your life can mean the difference between being fully exonerated or spending the rest of your life behind bars.

Aggressive California Defense Attorneys

When you have an aggressive, zealous criminal defense attorney on your side with experience defending clients accused of even the most serious crimes, you can be confident that your case will have the best possible outcome.

Caring, Committed Criminal Defense Lawyers

 We believe everyone is entitled to a passionate defense, and we will dedicate our time and efforts to investigating your case and examining all evidence available.

We understand how frightening it can be to be charged with a crime, especially a serious one – but we also know that there is hope.

Criminal defense lawyers sometime get a not-so-flattering portrayal because people assume that they defend guilty people. However, if you are a defendant in a criminal proceeding, you need the assistance of a qualified criminal defense lawyer, regardless of your guilt or innocence. As the protectors and advocates of the accused, defense lawyers play a pivotal role in the United States justice system to see that everyone charged with a criminal act has an opportunity to defend themselves.

Defense Lawyers Protect the Rights of the Accused

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First and foremost, a criminal defense lawyer’s role is to protect the rights of the accused. Upholding your rights under the Bill of Rights as set forth in the United States Constitution, criminal defense lawyers are bound by law to assist their clients by making sure you are treated fairly by the United States criminal justice system.

Criminal Lawyers Defend the Innocent

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The second most important role of a criminal defense attorney is to defend the innocent. We see daily about overturned criminal cases where new evidence verifies the incarceration of an innocent person who has served time as a result of an incorrect guilty verdict.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend the Guilty

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Most lawyers agree that the most difficult criminal client to represent is one that takes some responsibility for the crime as it is much easier to establish innocence or reasonable doubt when you don’t think your client is guilty. Facing ethical and moral dilemmas daily, a criminal defense lawyer must deal with situations where they have knowingly facilitated the release of a guilty person, risking their reputation and a clear conscience.


“I am eternally grateful for the help Randy n Ron gave me with my legal problems. I was arrested for dui charges and the got me off completely. Thanks guys”

Jenson Deo


“I had never been through a DUI case before, and Randy made the process smooth and easy for me. He kept me well informed and very prepared. Throughout the scary ordeal, I felt I could trust that he had my best interests in mind at all times. I would definitly recommend him to anyone in the future!”

Dan Wiley


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