Juvenile Crimes

Orange County Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

For parents, protecting a child is second nature, but when kids become entangled with criminal activity or are falsely accused of misconduct, knowing how to properly protect your child becomes scary and difficult very quick. Obtaining skilled juvenile crime legal defense is essential to give your child the best chance of obtaining a case dismissal, getting charges reduced, or obtaining a not guilty verdict. The juvenile criminal justice system differs greatly from that which governs adults. Under certain circumstances parents may have legitimate concerns that their child will be unable to return home. 

With assistance from a Defense Attorneys Orange County attorney, you will receive experienced defense from aggressive legal professionals who will help guide you through this unsettling process. Proper legal defense can keep your child out of custody and within your care. No matter what kind of offense your child has committed, we believe in providing the best possible defense. You can count on a Defense Attorneys Orange County attorney to do everything that is within their power to help give your child their best possible defense.

Avoiding the Adult Court System 

A main goal for any parent whose child is facing criminal charges is to ensure that their charges will be addressed in the juvenile court system rather than that of adults. The juvenile justice system is prone to make every effort to rehabilitate minor offenders rather than put them behind bars. If your child is being charged with rape, murder, arson, or kidnapping, they may be forced to be treated as an adult in the eyes of the court. When in doubt the court may hold a “fitness hearing” which helps to determine which court system for which the minor will have to attend. 

Whether or not a minor will stand trial in the adult court system largely depends on:

  • Failed attempts to rehabilitate the defendant
  • Seriousness of the defendant’s alleged crimes
  • Previous criminal charges

Defense for Juvenile Crimes

There are plenty of circumstances where a child is accused of a crime for which they did not commit. No matter what your circumstance is, there are options. Those options differ greatly and can be better assessed through a thorough case evaluation by an experienced juvenile crime legal professional.

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