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If you are facing charges for DUI or DWI in Orange County you will need to obtain help from an experienced DUI attorney with success in your area. Orange County prosecutors do not view drunk driving as a minor offense. If convicted, you may be ordered to serve time in jail, pay thousands of dollars in fines, lose your driver’s license, and have to live with an embarrassing and hindering mark on your criminal record. Regardless of your history, conviction for DUI or DWI will negatively affect your life for years to come. We cannot stress the importance of taking these charges and your legal representation seriously. Obtaining a case evaluation from an experienced attorney could be the difference between a case dismissal and severe penalties. 

At Defense Attorneys Orange County, we put our client’s needs and wants first. Huge firms with outrageous attorney fees and dozens of lawyers can lose sight of how important each DUI charge is to each of their clients. We take you and your concerns seriously, and you can count on every Defense Attorneys Orange County representative to treat you and your family with respect.

Former Prosecutor Fighting for You 

Our premier DUI defense attorney, Defense Attorneys Orange County, formerly prosecuted hundreds of drunk driving offenses, providing him with priceless information about the inner-workings of those who will prosecute your DUI case. Although it is impossible to know exactly how a prosecutor will go about trying to convict an alleged drunk driving offender, having a former prosecutor represent you could give you the edge that you need to have your case dismissed. Attorney Collins knows what he would be going after if he were the prosecutor for your case. This insight is extremely valuable and can be used to your advantage. When it comes to your freedom, having these types of advantages can easily work in your favor. 

A DUI or DWI defense attorney who is not a former prosecutor may still provide top-notch legal representation, but you will not receive representation that is able to “outsmart” prosecutors the way a former prosecutor is able to. Often times, prosecutors do not fully divulge their intentions or goals during settlement negotiations or jury trials. They may charge you with DUI, reckless endangerment, and several other things to try and strike a deal for just a DUI.

Act Now or Risk Additional Losses

Although people are generally aware of how the court system will work in regards to their DUI arrest, few know that they have ten days from the day of their arrest (in most cases) to request a DMV hearing to preserve their driver’s license.

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