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Warrant for Arrest

For some, avoiding an arrest warrant is not that big of a deal, for a while. With a warrant hanging over your head, you can face serious financial, legal, and emotional duress that can really take its toll. Once you start running it’s hard to stop, and for every moment that you do not turn yourself in there is a possibility that you may face harsher consequences.  More often than not, people with warrants have no idea what type of legal repercussions their escape from the law will result in, but we can help.

With one call, our attorneys will be able to listen to you and your experience, and provide you with information that could make a huge difference for you and your family. Attorney Randy Collins, law firm partner, spent time as a prosecutor, but has since turned his talents towards providing top-notch legal defense. His relationships with the court, judges, and prosecution can be instrumental to providing the best possible legal defense and he will use his in-depth knowledge to help provide you with what you are looking for.


Types of California Arrest Warrants 

No matter what type of warrant has been issued for your arrest, one of our attorneys will be able to provide you with important information. The following are the warrants issued in the state of California. 

Arrest Warrants

  • If an officer has “probably cause”, and is able to convince the district attorney, both the officer and the D.A. will approach a judge to convince him or her that a warrant should be issued. If the judge believes that you committed a crime, he or she will then issue a warrant for your arrest.

Bench Warrants

  • If you failed to appear in court or violated a court-issued protective order, a bench order would be issued for your arrest.

Search Warrants

  • If an officer presents compelling evidence to a judge that you are guilty of a crime, the judge may issue a warrant that authorizes search of your car, person, home, or any other place authorized by the warrant.


Legal Defense for Arrest Warrants 

Arrest warrants can be issued for a  wide variety of different reasons. Defense strategies to protect those with arrest warrants would differ greatly depending on the specific circumstances of an individual’s case. You can receive a free legal case evaluation from one of our attorneys that may help you to avoid further charges. 

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